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DOEN Participations and VP Capital invest 1 million euro in Vibers

October 16, 2019

Vibers are high tech and natural fibers from pure elephant grass

Vibers will further develop dutch Elephant grass as a sustainable raw material

DOEN Participations and VP Capital together invest 1 million euros in Vibers; a company that developed materials from Elephant Grass. With the investment, Vibers will develop a next generation of sustainable materials such as bioplastic, bio-concrete, paper and cardboard.

DOEN Participations has been investing in innovative, sustainable and social startups for almost twenty-five years. The choice fell on Vibers because the company reduces the footprint of materials with the use of Elephant Grass. The advantage of the fast-growing grass is that it is grown on wasteland in the Netherlands. It also absorbs four times more CO2 per hectare than a comparable area with trees and requires no irrigation, fertilizers and pesticides.

“By using Elephant Grass, concrete, plastic, cardboard and paper can eventually become one hundred percent sustainable,” says Wouter van Westenbrugge, Impact Investment Manager at DOEN Participations. “We are happy to help Vibers to develop new applications together with producers and to take the next step towards a circular economy.”

Jeroen Heine, director of VP Capital, is also enthusiastic about the approach of the company. “Our investment in Vibers is in line with VP Capital’s vision to stimulate sustainable progress through impact investments. We are a long-term investor and look forward to supporting the growth of the company.”
According to Jan-Govert van Gilst, founder of Vibers, there is a lot of interest in the new materials based on Elephant Grass. “Producers, supermarkets and consumers are increasingly aware of the environmental impact of products. With our materials we contribute to reducing CO2 emissions and plastic waste. We are also tackling the resource scarcity.”
With the investment of 1 million euros, Vibers wants to further develop its materials. The commercial team is also being further expanded to gain a stronger market position.

About Vibers

Vibers develops bioplastic, paper and cardboard and bio-concrete based on Dutch Elephant Grass. These materials have a lower footprint and thus contribute to a sustainable economy. Vibers works together with several high-quality development centers such as the Wageningen University, the Technical university of Eindhoven and the Avans Biopolymer Application Center, on the development of products. Together with other producers, the company wants to develop new solutions; Change the script. Join the vibe. See also:

About VP Capital

VP Capital is the investment company of the Dutch Van Puijenbroek family, active in eight investment areas: energy transition, agrifood, manufacturing industry, media, real estate, textiles, (health) care and water. VP Capital mainly invests in companies that want to make sustainable business and impact. For more information see:

About DOEN Participations

DOEN Participations has been investing in innovative, sustainable and social startups for almost 25 years. DOEN Participations has the ambition to make the world greener and more social. That is why impact is central to all investments. DOEN Participations invests in the early phase of companies and dares to take risks. DOEN Participations is fully owned and managed by the DOEN Foundation. The DOEN Foundation was set up by the National Postcode Lottery to support innovative initiatives. For more information see:

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