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Vibers’ CEO interviewed by UN Global Compact Network

November 30, 2018

Lisa Kingo and Fredric Petit

Vibers’ CEO Fredric Petit has been interviewed regarding the business case of Vibers and how to scale up solutions in relation to the challenges we face in the world. Vibers is one of the Dutch companies that has underwritten the UN Global Compact statement.

About the UN Global Compact

By working together, we can change the future. For that reason, within the UN Global Compact, businesses and organisations are working together to achieve 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Dutch companies make their contribution within the Global Compact Network Netherlands. The more we cooperate within a single common agenda, the greater the difference will be. Given the enormity of the 17 goals, when we look at our everyday practice, we are regularly forced to wonder whether it is realistic to expect that they actually can be achieved by 2030. We know that it is important, but: is it possible? If we draw up an interim balance (which is effectively the intention of this publication), we can see that we are well on the right track. We truly are achieving progress. Awareness of the importance of the goals is growing fast, and support is growing too. There is also steady growth in the number of companies with a focus on the 17 sustainable development goals and the 10 guiding principles.

Letter of Commitment

Vibers signed the Letter of Commitment to support the Ten Principles of The United Nations Global Compact on human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption.

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