vibers™ Packaging
vibers™ is a newly developed circular material. It is produced from elephant grass (Miscanthus Giganteus) and a residual product from the potato processing industry. Elephant grass is a fast growing crop, which absorbs 4x as much CO2 as a forest. Thanks to modern techniques it is incredibly suitable to produce products that are better for the environment. We grow the Elephant grass locally, on set-aside land that is not used for food. Moreover, we use local manufacturing industry with as little transport as possible.

For a better environment
With vibers™ we produce alternative solutions for polluting products: extremely strong, durable and beautiful. For kitchen ware, packaging and design products. Even for 3D-printable building materials. Change the script, join the vibe.

Existing products in a new jacket
vibers™ uses existing molds for the production of the desired products. We prefer to reuse existing molds rather than recommissioning new ones. With our material we can thermoform packaging materials, for example for tomatoes, cookies and your slices of cheese. We use much lower temperatures for this than usual and therefore we save a lot of energy, which is cheaper and better for the environment.

Our mission
vibers™ has a mission: soon everyone will have products of vibers™ at home. Because then we have made a real impact and have replaced other, polluting, materials. vibers™ products are available for production companies in the form of granules and foil for thermoforming. The product is always marketed under the name vibers™.

At vibers™, we are constantly engaged in research and further development. Our foil is available to order in various roll sizes and thicknesses. vibers ™ foil is gluten-free and food approved bij the European Regulation EU 10/2011.

 - thermoforming on existing machines
 - thermoforming at low temperatures, saving almost 40% on energy
 - industrial biodegradable product, (may therefore be processed as biodegradable waste). Seedling logo has been applied for
 - less packaging tax (EU)

Natural look
The packets for meats, vegetables and fruit are characterized by a beautiful natural appearance. The consumer will be more inclined to take this packet from the shelf than a plastic one. Consumers may dispose of vibers™ packaging as biodegradable waste if it is labelled with the Seedling logo.