Vibers Concrete 

vibers ™ has developed a new concrete with its partners TU Eindhoven, CyBe Construction and Concrete Valley. A mixture with the lowest possible ecological footprint and high technical performance. We realized a Living Lab to manufacture lightweight concrete objects from a biobased mortar of Elephant Grass. As a first step, the mortar was used in a traditional way of working for existing products. As a second step 3D printing is applied. To achieve this goal, a sustainable mortar has been developed so that (via 3D printing) concrete elements can be made for (residential and civil) construction. A mixture of ingredients whose extraction causes as little damage as possible to the living environment (people, planet) and which is easy to process (pumpability, fast hardening, good structural properties). By applying high-tech production methods and new materials, combining existing and new knowledge and techniques (3D printing), local and design-free construction is possible. Constructions are possible that previously were not feasible and / or very expensive.

A modulair sofa to enjoy your day in the park
Worldwide, the population is growing, fossil fuels such as oil and gas are eventually depleted and awareness of the impact of our living standards on the environment is growing. Sustainability is gradually becoming the standard. Also in the construction sector, where particular attention is paid to the energy performance of a building and less to the environmental impact of the applied materials. By developing our new lightweight concrete type based on vibers ™ technology with the important component biomass (elephant grass), this aspect of sustainable building gets a big boost. The product folder and price list of the bank is available on request. Our first product of concrete is a sofa that has been designed together with municipalities under architecture. The next step will be 3D printing with vibers ™ material. You can also use vibers ™ at home. For example, as a table top.