vibers is a great alternative for injection moulding and packaging. We have granulate or foil in stock. 

High tech development
At vibers we are constantly engaged in research and further development. Our foil is available to order in various roll sizes and thicknesses. vibers is suitable for cold food, cheese, biscuits, fruits and vegetables and much more:
- gluten free
- tested according to EU 10/2011 directive for food contact 

- we tell our community all about you changing the script!
- you may use the vibers story as a unique selling point in your marketing 
- energy savings of 40%
- high speed production due to low forming temperatures
- bio-based, bio-degradable
- compostable (Seedling logo in application)

Natural is what consumers love
vibers is characterized by a beautiful natural look. Consumers will be more inclined to take a vibers package from the shelf than a shiny plastic one. We re-use existing molds for the production of our products and deliberately minimize packaging material. Reuse has our preference over new.

Stay cool
When you keep vibers cool and dry, you will enjoy it for a long time. Wash vibers consumer goods by hand in a lukewarm soapy water, dry thoroughly and use it only for cold products. You can use vibers up to a temperature of 45 degrees Celsius. Do not put vibers in the dishwasher and never use it for hot drinks or a hot meal.