At vibers™ we know it for a while; there are alternatives for polluting materials. vibers is good looking, durable and high tech from nature. Made from local Elephant Grass. A fast-growing crop that captures four times as much CO2 as a European forest. Thanks to modern techniques very suitable to make products many times better for the environment. Change the script, join the vibe.

Careerer at Vibers
TEAM: Together Each Achieves More. vibers is powerful, friendly and full of ambition. And a bit stubborn off course. Change does not happen by itself. You have to do your very best. We will challenge you! Are you someone, or do you know someone who can move mountains and who wants to help to make vibers great? Then contact us. We do not care if you call, write a nice letter or send in a movie. Choose the way that suits you best and tell us how you can strengthen our team. Looking forward to meet you and have a coffee. Change the script, join the vibe.

Our Team

van Gilst

Founder & CTO

Loves nice foods & traveling. Creative and ambitious. Better world. Service above self. High-tech , ICT and innovation.



Loves sports. Experienced in international business, sustainability, innovation and communication.


Product Development

Design lover, creative, knitting & chatting. Enthusiastic and driven to make the world a more colourful place.

van Rees

Business Development

Sports, wining & dining. Business development. Experienced in finance, sustainability and quality.



Experienced and ambitious, hands-on, professional CFO.

van Hoek

Commercial Director

Smiling motorbike traveller :) Experienced in plastics, business and international trade. 'It's not the big that eat the small, but the fast that eat the slow!'

van der Deijl

 Customer Care & Finance

Fanatic rally navigator and wheelchair hockey player. Social. Committed. Driven and Motivated. Loyal and Reliable. Loves planning and organising. Good with numbers.



We are looking for you! A very commercial junior sales person.